Tribute to Nelson Mandela – and other unforgettable hero(in)es

Ask Yourself

Do you need to be a warrior to fight? Ask Jeanne d’Arc
Do you need vision to write a poem? Ask Helen Keller
Do you need wings to fly? Ask the Wright Brothers

Do you need money to help the poor? Ask Ghandi
Do you need dignity to be spiritual? Ask Jesus
Do you need a horse to be a knight? Ask Don Quijote

Do you need wealth to be happy? Ask Buddha
Do you need power to lead a nation? Ask Che Guevara
Do you need a crown to be a princess? Ask Cinderella

Do you need to be educated to be a genius? Ask Einstein
Do you need to be a mother to care? Ask Mother Teresa
Do you need to be happy to smile? Ask Mona Lisa

Do you need permission to have a dream? Ask Martin Luther King
Do you need to be free to fight for freedom? Ask Nelson Mandela
Do you need to be significant to make a difference? Ask Yourself

© Vivian Songe


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